Morenada Dance Groups Invite Unity Through Sport

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Of the many and varied traditional folkloric dance groups representing Bolivia in the Washington, DC area, four of the groups which dance only the style known as Morenada (Dance of the Black Slaves) came together to compete Sunday afternoon in a volleyball tournament at Burke Lake Park in Burke (VA). The event, organized by Jhonathan Encinas, family and friends, served a greater meaning than coming together to compete while having fun.

"This year is the year of the Morenada to show the entire world that the Morenada is 100% Bolivian," stated Encinas. "It's another way to show that even though we dance in different groups of Morenada, the love is the same. We love our folklore, culture and our roots as Bolivians. The entire tournament was to show our friendship and that we can unite and show support for each other and that anything can be possible."

The tournament was the first of its kind in the DMV. The four groups were: Morenada Central VA-USA, Morenada Cocanis VA-USA, Morenada Transpeco-USA and Grupo Organizador.

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  1. Morenada Transpeco USA
    June 18, 2013 at 4:40 pm

    gracias por el exelente trabajo ,,, solo una pequeña observacion no somos morenada transpeco va usa…. el nombre de nuesta fraternidad es Morenada Transpeco USA… gracias..

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